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Early Bird Hightower

We have a very limited number of size large 2020 Hightower CC frames arriving air freight at the end of this month. Next available stock wont be here until early September so be quick these will be snapped up!

desert hightower frame.jpg

blue hightower frame.jpg

First Ride SantaCruz Hightower2

Hightower2 Update
Well what a great weekend! I managed two great rides on the new Hightower2 and I have to say WOW what a bike! Trail conditions were awesome so I did all my usual favourite trails, mostly grade 4 and 5s with some sneaky ones in the mix. This gave me a good comparison to the Hightower LT ive been riding for the last year.
The Hightower2 felt super lively and quick handling on the downs and I was able to pick the front up whenever I needed. The suspension felt super planted and dealt with the roots and of cambre with ease, shock setup was super simple and I ended up pretty much at the recommened settings at both ends.
Aside from the lower link mounted shock the geometry is the biggest difference from the old Hightower and the LT, The slacker front end with the shorter offset fork made for a stable but sharp handling front end and was really easy to turn in the tight steep stuff. I did over 2000m climbing on the bike over the weekend and the steeper seat angle was a big positive improvement over the slacker old models, this coupled with the new shock position and updated VVP makes this an absolute weapon on the climbs.
Santa Cruz have out done themselves with this bike, they have managed to merge the old Hightower and the LT together and make on amazing bike!
I cant wait to ride it again.



SantaCruz Hightower 2020

Super excited about the new Hightower2! And were lucky enough to be the only people in NZ to have one of these bikes which i will be putting to the test this weekend. It looks like SantaCruz have made this bike specifically for Rotorua!!

hightower2 mural.jpg

Santa Cruz Hightower LT Sale

Get yourself a bargain! Were doing these great frames at over a thousand dollars off! While stocks last you can get a Hightower LT CC Frame for $4100. Get In.

htlt blue frame.jpg



FORBIDDEN DRUID - Cumberland Winter

Forbidden Druid

forbidden logo.jpgWere super excited to introduce the Forbidden Bike Company. This is a new bike brand that we are now representing. The first frames are due to arrive in August. You can find frame and complete custom build pricing on the Forbbiden drop down top of our home page.  

Check them out at https://www.forbiddenbike.com/
Heres a couple of reviews that explain the bike in detail,

druid frame.jpgdruid.jpg





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