Where the worksop is the shop!

The composed Sport Bike

scout red

Hop on the Scout and you're immediately transformed into a projectile.

The Scout will awaken your inner child!

Manual here, scrub that, skid there, pedal up this. Freedom to boost everything in sight, overshoot every landing without a care, mixed with nose bonking and hooting your way down the trail. Sporty, but just as eager to tackle bigger terrain. The Scout's trail charisma is infectious and will cause you to look at your regular trails through a new perspective. Pedal up and repeat.

Scout Alloy NX build. Special price $4,720 (Regular price $7,290)

Scout Alloy GX build. Special price $6,200 (Regular price $9,540)

Please contact us to check pricing and availability.

As well as manufacturer-specced models, we can completely customise your bike's component build.